Attic Renovation Ideas!

The attic can be a scary and a creepy place for some. Its dark, dingy, there can be animals living up there, and of course ghosts! But if you take the time, and a bit of courage, you can transform that space into something fun, additional living, or at the very least a better storage environment. With any project you are about to embark on the first thing that I always recommend is to clear everything out of the attic, in order to get a good idea of what you are working on. Take all the boxes out of the attic, clean up any of the Rat Poop that may be left behind from the winter, take out all the debris and really ensure that the attic is fully cleaned out, prepped and ready to get started!

If you notice that during the cleaning process you run into live animals in the attic it is always best to call a professional Wildlife Control company to go out and remove them. Animals can be quite aggressive if you are trying to remove them from their home and shelter, IE your Attic so we recommend calling the Professionals.

Bat Damage to Insulation

Once the attic has been fully cleaned and restored you will be able to get a good feel with the area and the actual amount of room that you have and that you are dealing with. I normally like to sketch out the attic a few times before I embark on a project, that way I can get a good idea of the direction in which I am going. Good Luck and have fun!

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